PHP top interview questions.

According to my experience here I am sharing the top 35 frequently asked PHP interview questions and answers for 1 year experienced PHP developer, This list of PHP interview questions and answers will be helpful for PHP developers. Question #1 – What is the difference between $message and $$message? They are both variables But $message […]

A locking file cache in PHP

The functions “file_get_contents” and “file_put_contents” can be used to implement a file based cache in PHP. Unfortunately the read function is missing a critical feature: support for file locking. Without file locking the function reading the contents may return an empty string (or partial cache content) while the content is being written. Shared and exclusive […]

How To Automatically Deploy Your PHP Apps

A typical developing environment includes versioning the application with Git, so how does one get the project into production without logging into the server every time to pull the new code, refresh the cache, compile the assets, and so on?! This seems like a bad idea to do every time you want to deploy something […]

Problem solving tips

We all have problems some people have more than their fair share others appear to drift thought life as if its a breeze. If your like me and have faced countless challenges in life then turning failure into success is real. Time is probably your greatest enemy, why is this? Time can’t be made again […]